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Today was an amazing day!

For those of you who missed it, I’ve been keeping my own photo journal of my 50th year. This blog has suffered a bit, because it’s really easy to just pop a photo up with a short caption.

But today, I am sharing this because it was an epic day.

This morning at 8:00am, Telluride HeliTrax was hired by a few entities to release snow on Ajax – the peak at the back of our tiny box canyon. I have only seen this on a video from 1997ish, but in real life, incredible. Talk about the power of nature. The avalanche started off in slow motion and moved like cold smoke until the cloud of powder covered the Idorado tailings piles at the end of the valley. I do not even want to think about the power behind all of that snow.

Even though it was beautiful, you have to remain in awe of nature’s might and power.

Behold (and sorry for the underexposure…it was bluebird and everything was backlit.)

Waiting patiently


Moving Down…

..and down…

Cold Smoke


Gussied Up Composite

So, after all of that excitement, it was mandatory to go play! Only had a short period of time, but made it count. I think only one run was groomed! Can’t wait for next week!

Blurry from tired hands and body.

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