Too many places….

16 Sep

Why can’t it be simple? I find places on the internet and I want to connect them and/or read them later.

Facebook lets me post links, but trying to find that brown butter peach cake I made two years ago is impossible. Same with Twitter…

Stumbleupon…you know, I used it for awhile, but was never able to really master it. I think the biggest issue was, again, trying to weed through all the articles that I tagged. Back then (what, six months or a year ago), you couldn’t tag things (cooking, health, yoga, etc.) so it made it hard to retrieve.

Pinterest….Sorry! I just don’t get that one at all! And I consider myself a visual person. Way too much overload….and from people I don’t even know. How do I get rid of all of THAT garbology?

Now that I’ve been a smart phone addict for 6 years (really that long!) I’ve had challenges with apps that work on the phone but not on the laptop and vice versa.

So, now I’m testing out Pocket. I can read things on my iPhone, or my laptop, and then delete them or file them when I need to.

Actually, I think the most apropos place might be right here. I can customize my links, my tags, my look, my feel. It’s easy to find stuff….my only concern might be that someone thinks I’m plagiarizing them.

Ok, what gives? What’s your favorite way to store links and what’s the easiest way to retrieve them for you?

Gimme your 411…

But for now, here’s today’s link that caught my eye and that I can’t wait to read!

50 Things to Grill in Foil! (Thank you @FoodNetwork!)

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