Hotel Room Gourmet

22 Nov

I’m taking a break from the #30DaysofGOOD challenge today, because I think it’s just too much of a stretch. The challenge is to document a neighbor.

Well, yes, I could document someone standing next to me in City Market; the doormen at the St. Regis across the street; or even the evil boiler that has the traits of the worst neighbor ever! (Wakes you up at all hours, plays a thumping beat, doesn’t keep it down even when you pound on the ceiling.)

But no, I am taking this challenge as documenting my life. And my neighbors are important people in my life, so to minimize that relationship is not worthwhile for me.

Instead, let’s chat about the Hotel Room Gourmet. Yesterday, I created a spicy Mexican Chicken and Rice dish that was delicious, healthy, and easy.

Tonight, it’s all about Meatless Monday. So into the crock pot I dumped the ingredients for a Minestrone. It smells like heaven! I’ll add some cheese tortellini at the end of cooking to give it a little more oomph. The only thing we don’t have is a bit of Parmy to sprinkle on top.

And I am STARVING! Daisy and I went for a 7 mile walk, then did a bunch of errands on foot around town to max out at almost 10 miles today.

Time to eat! Photos to come!


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