30 Days of GOOD Day 9

09 Nov

Telluride InspirationI live in Telluride. Well, technically, I live in the cheap seats of Mountain Village. No one knows where that is. It’s kinda like going to Beaver Creek, but telling everyone that you are in Vail. Vail, they know, Beaver Creek? Mmmmm, maybe not.

Anyway, I am awestruck every time I walk out my front door. How could I not be?

When I fist moved here, I worked for central rez and actually sold trips to people around the world. It was an easy sell…I grew up in Maine, lived in Breckenridge and Park City, have skied all over the country for work. But I landed here (with a big tug from my to-be-husband). I used to tell potential guests that if you wanted to ski your legs off and NEVER stand in line, this was the place. Oh, and the views didn’t suck either.

I told people that standing on Main Street (really Colorado Avenue), was like standing in a ViewMaster. (Remember those things with their surreal 3D look at the world?) Well, that’s exactly what it’s like…REALLY!

Anyway, I wanted to take a picture of the Wilsons because I get to wake up to them every morning on my dog walk/run. But today, the light wasn’t right. As luck would have it, my friend Ann and her dog joined us for a noontime walk. Up to the mine we went and I had my inspiration.

The spires really amaze me around here. They’re like giant, red, upside down icicles embedded in the side of a peak. And they are all around here. And they are BEAUTIFUL. Strong, yet not impervious to the elements.

Love living here….

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