30 Days of Good Day 7

07 Nov

Today’s 30 Days of Good task it to document autumn. I could have cheated and used some photos I had from a few weeks ago when the leaves were golden and the sky was blue, but this challenge is about documenting your life. The way I interpret this, is that it’s about your life TODAY. Not yesterday, last week, last year, or last decade.

We had a short summer in Telluride this year. The last measurable snow storm of the winter (2010/2011) was on June 15th during Bluegrass. And yes, I was outside, and yes it was beautiful, but JUNE 15th! YIKES! Consequently, our first measurable snowstorm of the 2011/2012 season was on September 15th. And while we dodged some of the early front range storms, it’s been off and on as far as wintriness goes since then.

So, despite my best efforts to bring some autumnal look to our deck (mums, pumpkins, etc.) it snowed the day after I picked them up from our local garden center.

This is my documentation of autumn in Mountain Village…frost on the pumpkin!


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