30 Days of Good Day #1

01 Nov
San Miguel County Courthouse

San Miguel County Courthouse

It’s Election Day in Telluride and the first day of the next 30 Days of Good challenge.

Today’s challenge was to document street style. This is rather hard at the moment, since most folks are not in town with it being ‘off season’. As you can see by the massive amounts of cars and pedestrians streaming into the courthouse to do their civic duty and vote.

But I like this kind of Street Style because this is why I live in a tiny town. I’m not worried about getting run over or yelled at by crazed motorists. I don’t need to worry about the high concentration of fumes being expelled by gas guzzling SUV’s (though there are PLENTY of them around here). And I can stand in the middle of our Main Street (Colorado) and take a picture without someone flipping me the bird.

Happy Election Day and Happy Day 1 of 30 Days of Good.

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Posted by on November 1, 2011 in 30DaysofGood, 4 Years Project


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