Preparing for the a Big One!

07 Oct

Wow! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve blogged. Well, actually, a lot of my recent blog posts have been private. Seems like I’ve got a lot of stuff going on that just needs to flow out of the pen without judgment.It’s not like I have a gillion followers, but for those voyeurs who have peeked into my life, sorry for the departure.

As most of you know, Tuesday was my birthday. Not a big one, and definitely not one with a lot of pomp and circumstance (worked all day, then cooked my own, wonderful dinner). But it got me thinking about 2012. Next year is a BIGGIE – Five-oh! I remember my dad saying to me once that he didn’t understand the getting old thing. He’d get out of bed in the morning feeling his 25-year-old self, look in the mirror and see a guy with all kinds of wrinkles and gray hair.

That’s the way I feel everyday. What year is this? Who is that? What is going on in this mind and body. But I also LOVE it.

I got brave! Very brave. I stopped coloring my hair. I went from this:

Summer 2010











To this:







It was pretty scary, but I had one of my favorite aunts as a reminder of how beautiful Irish hair can be as we age and also the fact that they make the damn hair color in the factory EVERYDAY.

I also did it for my mom. I overheard a quote this summer:

“Growing old is a privilege”

and immediately thought of how my mom barely made it to 52. So, in a way, this is to honor her and her wonderfulness. It’s also for my Nana Saunders who loved unconditionally and lived wisely. I hope that I am following in her footsteps.

OK, to lighten things up. I started thinking about what to do the first week (or thereabouts) of October in 2012. My first thought was a guided chi-chi trip to Italy for a week-long bike tour of Tuscany or Northern Italy. Then reality struck….$10, ooo.00 plus airfare and a few nights lodging and a few meals. Hmmmm, maybe not.

Second thought: KOKOPELLI TRAIL. Hell, it’s pretty much in my backyard. I’ve done bits and pieces of it, but never together and never with someone cooking my meals and setting up my tent. Price – $1,100.00 (ish).


I would love to do this with a group of my gals. So whether you are near or far, let’s start thinking about it. Put it on your calendar, and join me. I’d love to make this more about our friendship and not as much about my birthday. I will even help coach you if you don’t think you are ready for this. I want this to be about support and love and drinking beer and tequila and wine and singletrack. Glorious Western Colorado, Eastern Utah desert singletrack.

Wanna come?

Escape Adventures

Rim Tours

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