Biking for Boletes

15 Aug

Today, I set out for one of my favorite rides, The Prospect Trail.

Since I haven’t been able to ride very much because of the broken toe, these rides have been like Gold to me. When I set out, I originally gave myself slightly over an hour to finish since I have loads of work to do. As I began the ride, I came across a not very fit woman, with a large backpack, on a rental bike going quite slowly. As I passed her, I started thinking to myself “Well, maybe she’s out looking for mushrooms.”
If you have been in the area in the last few weeks, you KNOW the mushrooms are out of hand. I’ve been coming home with grocery bags full of Chanterelles, but haven’t had so much luck with the Porcinis. Today, I decided to slow down and scan the trail. So I did. And I hit a jackpot!

Ah yes, fill the CamelBak

These puppies filled my CamelBak so full, I had to take my raincoat and strap it to the outside just to get them in. The bigger ones were the size of my hand.
Right now, they are simmering gently in a white wine/garlic sauce that will go over pasta.



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