Simple things

16 May

I had a revelation last week…if I were living my Mother’s life, I’d have 4 years left to live. Which got me thinking, how would I live my life NOW if I knew that it had been shortened by that much.

The biggest thing that I’ve considered is paring down, cutting back, a “one in-two out”, a 333 scenario. It was awful going through her things after she died. Things that she loved but we found no use for…and to sequay, I can’t even begin to imagine what that will be like when my father passes.

I’m going to start posting simple things that I find meaning in. The first is really riduculous! I love scarves….love, love, love them. And to pare down to one or two is going to be tough…until I found this video. I am currently in love with #6. Can’t wait to try it!

Oh! And this! How wonderful to start the day without jumping on the caffeinated hamster wheel!


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Posted by on May 16, 2011 in 4 Years Project


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