Love goes on…

01 Apr

Yesterday, one of my favorite uncles passed away much too early. Family reunions were a huge part of growing up and so our families were quite close. I even spent summers babysitting for my younger nephews while I learned to ride horses from my aunt and learned patience, tolerance, and love from all of them.

Today, brings up so many emotions remembering my Mom. Losing a parent, especially when they are young, is heart wrenching. It’s a gut clenching, head spinning, eyes burning, pain that drops you to your knees and sends you into uncontrolled sobbing. It sucks.

I cannot imagine what my aunt and cousins are feeling today, but I can certainly empathize.

And I know, that my mother, was there waiting, with her hand extended, offering a warm hug to her sister’s husband.

Love does go on… 

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