Slow moving holidays…

12 Dec

Well, not really. It’s busy – there are World Cup and NorAms galore in the air. Planning and baking and shipping the cookies. Friends arriving in town for the holidays. And I am panicked because I don’t have hands…

Well, not literally, but I have been diagnosed with skier’s thumb and tennis elbow (left and right respectively). All this came about from my fabulous new shifters on my bike. I love the bike…hate the shifters. And whether it was subconsious or not, now I am up to my elbows (literally) in braces.

This has put a total backward, downward spiral on all knitting projects. Because of this, I have been so depressed that the wonderful gifts I have planned are in one state or another of completion.

This morning…I finished one. All that one required was weaving in the ends and blocking it. So now it happily lies on the guest room bed, waiting to dry and be wrapped and shipped off to someone who will love it. Hopefully, as much as I do…this one was a near keeper!

5th Avenue Infinity Scarf

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Posted by on December 12, 2010 in knitting


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