Thoughtful update

06 Oct

I have been knitting like a madwoman pretty much since last week, when it finally got cool. I purchased yarn for a husband for my sweater last year!!! Finally cast on in March, and then, once the weather got warm and I couldn’t stand the warmth of the wool in my lap, I put the project in the back of the closet and let it hang out.

Now it’s back…and it sure wasn’t easy. Got started on the Gansey stitch, frogged it a couple of times, finally gave up and sent an email to the designer, who gave me some insight. Put the project down for a few days because of maximum frustration level, FINALLY figured out what I was doing wrong, and now am rocking the needles. I even have the goal of getting this finished for Christmas.


Working the pattern

I know! I know! A difficult challenge at best, especially since I am trying to knit up infinity scarves for my sisters and step mom, get in my 30 days on my new bike, try to maintain my public official life, and generate new business for next summer.

Busy??? Naaaaahhhhh, not too much….

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