09 Sep

I love my SHErpani purse. Better yet, I love the little wallet that came with it to stash my credit and business cards along with a bit of cash and receipts. BUT on Monday, the zipper broke. I could have purchased a new one anywhere, but because I just bought a new bicycle and am going to be pretty strapped for cash for awhile, I figured I’d tackle the stash and Ravelry to save the day.
Voila, super fast super easy little clutch with some leftover yarn from the Bad Haus Schue pattern. Knit it up in a little over an hour. Stitched it together on the Gondola on the way to a haircut. Threw it in with bath towels during the weekly wash. Now, it dries in the warm, mountain sun waiting to be embellished with a simple contrasting blanket stitch and a fun button from the LYS.

Emergency Ready for felting...

Broken Zipper Emergency

One hour’s worth of work


Felting in the sun

Felting in the sun!

I’ve been really frustrated with blogging lately. Partly, because it used to be so easy to blog about my workouts and now I have lost that ability without opening up some sort of blog editor. My old Bone In Motion app for my Blackberry was amazing – doing it all for me.

I’ve also been on the road A LOT lately, which simply doesn’t allow for enough time to blog. Not that we are going into our (slightly) slower period, I hope to catch up on me time and thus, blogging time.

Here’s the new bike that just might get me back in the mood!

Drool, drool, drool

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One response to “Emergency!

  1. Ann

    September 9, 2010 at 10:15 PM

    N-i-c-e bike, Cath! Congrats!
    We like the bag too!
    Ann & Ginger


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