22 Jun

I need to rant/vent a bit. I just saw a personal slam on someone’s blog and since I can’t respond directly to him, I’m going to take the passive/aggressive route and vent here.

This rant is about a ‘pro’ cyclist…well, he just turned pro which means that he must know what he’s doing right? Well, apparently, we have continually ‘stolen’ race wins from him. After some research, here is what I found:

  • He has ridden through the finish line on a cool down lap, was scored on that later lap per the officials, and then protested. (This happened more than once).
  • He did not pass through the finish, but still expected to be scored
  • He put his cables in front of his plate and expected the officials and us to score him correctly.

Is this how a pro rides? Really?

Having worked with true pros, here is what I have found:

  • Pros DO NOT ride through the finish unless they are finishing (with the exception of criteriums or short tracks)
  • Pros KNOW where the finish is even when they are ‘bleeding out of their eyeballs’ (thanks Dave Towle for that one!)
  • They want their money and do everything possible to make sure their numbers (body, frame, helmet, bib, whatever) is legible…especially at the finish

MFK a pro? I think not…

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