My Love/Hate Relationship with Golf Courses

25 May

OK, since I was able to equally piss off and receive approval from various friends, I thought I’d express why I feel the way I do about golf courses. Specifically, the golf course in Mountain Village.

Yes, I think they are a waste of real estate, water, resources and are a huge pollutant (right up there with cemeteries), but I understand their economic benefit to resort communities. I love that they can be multi-purpose facilities (cross country skiing in the winter and golfing in the summer.) What I really love during our down time here in our tiny village, is the fact that I probably see more people actually utilizing the space than when it acts as a golf course. People with their kiddos on bikes, walking the dogs, playing Frisbee, running – even WALKING the holes and playing golf. The only time I see more folks using the golf course as a golf course, is if there is a tournament going on. Otherwise, we runners, hikers, bikers, dog walkers, and players of children are verboten!

The other thing that drives me crazy is the fact that they force you to use a cart. Again, unless there is a tournament happening, whatever happened to walking the greens, playing through, and enjoying a short 9 or, if you were feeling really strong, the full 18 on foot? I get that it’s to maximize the dollars per player, but why not think outside the box and allow people to walk if they choose on those slower days. We all know that this country is pathetically, hopelessly overweight. I’ll put mandating golf cart usage right up there with soda and fast foods. Nice to have once in awhile, but not necessary.

It’s really too bad that we are such a litigious country, otherwise, maybe the runners, hikers, bikers, dog walkers, and players of children could co-exist with the slicers and hookers of the world.

Thinking outside the box….again….

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