4 Days in Puerto Vallarta….is that ever enough?

16 Apr

Sunset on the maleconIf there is one place that I could easily become an expat for, it would be Peurto Vallarta. This is the one true place that I completely do nothing.

There really does come a time in everyone’s life when a vacation doesn’t have to be about doing something. Doing nothing is just as beneficial. And if you do it right, then you feel completely rejuvenated and alive again. Ready for the next step, the next phase.

And I mean, really, who can complain about lying on the bPeaceeach, hearing the waves crash from your hotel room at night, having crazy, curly hair, and humidity plumped skin?

Step away from the electronic devices…no…leave them AT HOME! Don’t even consider the overseas plan. Leave the hotel contact information with a few close family and friends, tell the clients that you are at an event that won’t allow for cell phone and MAYBE limited email access, forward the phones to voicemail and just GO! Just do it! Don’t look back. The world will return, pretty much exactly where you left it…well, with the exception of several hundred emails…most of them junk. But who will truly care? You will, and in the long run, your clients will, because you will have restored your sense of self with a place for calm and peace.

Let the bike season begin!

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Posted by on April 16, 2010 in Vacation


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