Blackberry Insanity

08 Apr

Is it just me, or does everyone who owns a BlackBerry have to do a complete re-do of their phone when there is a version update? This is the second time that it has happened in six weeks, so to save some anguish the next time it happens, I’m writing the steps down.

My set up is a little bit different. I hate Microsoft and have been using Thunderbird for years now. Unfortunately, RIM and T bird don’t play nicely. Ever the optimist, I hope that someday, they will, and I will be able to have BirdieSync playing happily together.

I had to create a Gmail account to sync everything up, but it works great and no problems except for updates. Then I end up with quadruple entries. (See this article for more info: BlackBerry Hacks)

1. Run Duplicate remover in Thunderbird Address Book
2. MozBackup Thunderbird Address Book.
3. Select Contacts on BB. Press Menu Key, choose Options, select address book, and turn off wireless sync.
4. Connect BB to laptop and open Desktop Manager.
5. Go to advanced on the back up screen/select the address book and clear.
6. Open gmail and select contacts. Delete all.
7. Open T’bird and run Zindus to sync.
8. Run Duplicate remover in Thunderbird address book (just to double check)
9. Disconnect BB and select contacts/menu/options/turn on wireless sync.
10. Run Google Sync.

Thank you! Finished with only one contact piece of data per person!

Here’s an easier route to try as well.
Deleting Duplicate Contacts

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