KAL Continued

31 Oct
I am really loving this yarn! It is beautiful to work with and creates amazing fabric. It’s not going quite as quickly as I’d hoped because I am really trying to finish up the top down sweater. (1/2 a sleeve left, need to figure out what to do for the collar, block it and finished!) It had better be wearable by the holidays! That is my goal.

After an afternoon of knitting the KAL vest, I confessed that I was considering using a contrasting yarn for the collar to show off the seed stitching. With a little help from Anne at Needle Rock, she led me the Ritratta yarn to add some sparkle to the seed stitched collar. Splurged (again!) on a ball of it. I can’t wait to finish this project! Excitement.

I finished another cowl that I absolutely love and have been getting tons of comments on it. I didn’t add it to my Ravelry queue since it started out as another test of the needless cabling. Cotton, so it’s stretchy, but soft, and again, just beautiful with my new knee length down coat.

Sparkly Collar Yarn               Favorite Cowl

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