14 Aug
I am done! Stick a fork in it! The socks from hell are blocking and I am FINISHED with them.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the concept of the beads and the lace and the toe up construction, but put them all together along with the fact that I did them two up….probably a bit too ambitious.

Maybe I can’t count, but I was constantly re-doing the lace pattern because I would be off a stitch on the next round. YO missed, K2TOG missed? Dunno, don’t care.

I have cast on my Father’s Day socks, yes 3 months late and almost finished the entire toe increase while watching the boob tube last night. These will be simple…two up tow ups with a basic 2×2 rib to keep them up.

Thanking the knitting gods for getting me through!

The bane of my existance…

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