Square Needles

28 Jun
Well, the Beaded lacy KAL is driving me crazy. I have affectionately called them the Socks From Hell. They seem as though they will never end, I’m now convinced that my gauge (even though I checked it multiple times) is too big. The yarn is shreddy, working with the beads is fun, but I’m not sure that continental stitch does them justice…So I am going to finish them, just for the sake of finishing them and then be DONE. Not sure who (if anyone) will get them…

After comisterating with the gals at the LYS, they suggested that I “step away” from the socks and try some new Kollage Square needles that they had been given as demos. I thought that they might be easier to manage than round ones, and they are supposedly ergonomic, and create a more uniform stitch. I did like the way the kneedles felt balanced in my fingers, but it took a bit to get used to. The stitches actually seemed to twist around the needle easier than with round. The project went very quickly, but I think I would have to try them on a bigger progect to see if they really are easier on the hands. I did LOVE the cable, very flexible. The one downfall was that if the needle was overtaxed, it created a sharp edge between the needle and the cable that didn’t allow the stitches to slide across easily.

Unfortunately, the rep is requiring the LYS to order something ridiculous like $1200.00, for this teeny yarn shop. I wish the rep would bend a bit and give them a break. I’d especially like to try a 1 or 0 since I’m on socks at the moment or a different size with a longer cable to move my pulli or start my wrap project on.

We’ll see!

Square Needles

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