Just bad knitting vibes

16 Apr

Oh, the knitting demons have struck! I have two projects that have gone awry in just two days.

First, the Turtleneck shrug. I completed her, blocked her, and tried her on. I kind of liked her – and I mean really, not really. I have this thing about ribbing getting stretched out and this was baggy and losing its shape constantly…getting in the way…droopy. You get the picture. So I decided to put it in the washer (on the gentle cycle) to see if that would help with the loosey goosiness of it all. When I pulled the shrug out of the washer, it had felted…somehow, with cold water even. It is fuzzy and there is no pattern definition and I don’t even DARE to try it on. Just scares me.

Project number two, the Neck Down Lace Pulli. All is going pretty well with that and going quickly. But I was getting antsy and wanted to get to the lace portion. I measured and as soon as I hit the magic 7″, I started the lace pattern. After about 6 rows, I realized that it was going to be waaaaay too short for my 5’10” self. Bummer. I tried unknitting, really I did, but with all the YO’s, SSK’s, etc. it got to be too much. Out came the needles and the frogging began. I also realized that I probably didn’t order enough yarn even though my gauge is spot on – again for my 5’10” self. I just am NOT going to make something that is too short for me.

And then, a ray of sunshine…elann still has the color and lot of my original order available! Whee! Order! Kaching! Excitement again.

2nd Ray of sunshine – lemons in my mailbox! Ready for the KAL with Knitters Brewing. I’ve been looking at provisional and figure 8 cast-ons and trying to be patient before I cast on for that one – you see, I only have a #2 and no #1’s on hand and the LYS is closed until the 20th!

So 2 bad knitting vibes, along with 2 rays of sunshine. Guess it’s not so bad after all.

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