The Day after the Powder Day

11 Feb
What a great day. I haven’t been out on my skis since New Year’s Eve with all the travel and work, so I followed my goal of skiing for at least one hour a day that I’m not working.

I got motivated…REALLY motivated! Got up early, did a good yoga session, had some breakfast and was out the door by 9:10 knowing that it would take patrol some time to finish up with Avalanche Control. (Personally, I wish they were a bit more like Park City and started control work at 6:00am!)

Anyway, Prospect, still closed, but the wind roll under the lift was knee to chest deep. First tracks.

Electra – knee deep. First tracks.

Dynamo – thigh deep. Second Tracks.

Electra Trees – thigh deep. First Tracks.

Buzz’s Glade – knee deep, crunchy.

Back to Prospect. Still no hike to open, but I’m still gettting freshies under the lift. Can’t complain. Hit the Sandia Trees along the rope line. Wind roll to cat track waist deep.

So by noon, I am worked and still none of the hike to is open. I call it quits to head in and do some work.

My biggest gripe of the day was the amount of snow that crept in between my jacket and glove cuff. So, I frogged a half completed sock, looked up the pattern for gauntlets using sock yarn and got to work. I haven’t worked cables in over a year, so there is a bit of re-learning going on and of course I can’t find my cn’s so I’m using a DPN to get ‘er done.

This will be an easy one to carry on the plane and work.

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