Spring Shrug for Mexico

19 Apr
I am so excited about our trip on Tuesday! We didn’t have a vacation last year and it will be so nice to have a “do nothing” vacation in between ski races and bike races.

It’s probably too much of a splurge for us at the moment, but we really need it.

So, I’ve had this gorgeous Cathay yarn knitted up into a sweater that I started last spring while I was in California and just haven’t pieced it together yet. I was listening to February’s ‘Cast-on’ (that’s how far behind in my life) and I LOVE Brenda’s idea of having NO STASH to start 2009 off with.

Recently, I’ve really gotten into the idea of knitting some lighter weight sweaters, especially shrugs. I bought one last year from J. Jill and can’t believe how simple they must be to knit. Digging around on the internet today, I found the Amy pattern and fell in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with it, especially since I know that I have the most perfect yarn for it. I think the mix of cotton and silk will make this lovely and sexy and practical.

If the ‘shreddies’ don’t drive me CRAZYYYYYYY!!!

Ready for Frogging!
4/19 – OK, I’m officially scared. I’m so afraid to cast on and then the yarn will get all shreddy and wierd…..EEK! Give me strength!!
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